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++Sad love quotes++

I saw you again
and i hadn't seen you in a while
and than you popped back into my head
and now your stuck there
but the thing is you'll only be a wish in my head
you'll never be mine

When i was younger i wished for a pony
now i wish for you
but like than my wish will never come true


Sometimes you just need to forget. forget all the memories; good times and bad. forget that he ever hurt you, left you feeling sad. forget everything that has to do with him, just let that part in your life turn dim.

yur the one that i want ,
the only one in my heart ,
i loved yu then , and i still do now .
i wanna tell yu ,
buht i juss dont no how

Tell me that you love me, what the harm in telling me that? you won't hurt anybody, on the contrary, you'll make my life worth living for....!!!
say it.. please...

I wish you were here..
I wish you were near..
I wish you knew my love
I wish you knew my fear..
I love you so deeply, so hopelessly..

I love you
But you don't know it
I watch you
But you don't see it
I cry over you
But you don't hear it
I long for you
But you don't feel it <3

You've hurt me once. You've hurt me twice. All I did was shut my eyes. For in reality that everyone can see, I love you more than you love me.

Once you've been hurt, it is so hard to get attached again. The fear that it will happen again is what builds the walls around your heart.

Maybe, just maybe, if I wish hard enough we could go back in time and try again. We could make all the wrongs right and maybe we would be together. Just maybe

Love. it can be the best thing to ever happen to you. or it could be the worst. you could be happy one day and broken the next. </3

Missing the one who doesn't miss me. Loving the one who doesn't love me. Fighting for the one who hasn't fought for me. Dreaming of the one, who doesn't dream



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