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Kim Hyun Joong & Friends - Ultimate Funny Moments

the video didn't even start and i started smiling.. just cuhs i know i will be funny. HAHAH.omg i laugh that hard too that i roll & yell my stomach is going to explode too!! except i don't necessary say i'm going crazy i don't know how he keeps a straight face after laughing! dude my face hurt from smiling and laughing at this meyh :)

kim hyun joong always gets the solemn and reserved type characters in dramas, but his real character is TOTALLY DIFFERENT haha must be hard for him

p/s : korang wajib tengok part last sekali okeyh..memang lawah..tengok sampai habes!!!!...damn it! how he laughs like that and still looks so perfect!! :O ... i'm started to think that i'm obsessed with him!! D: but seriously you can't blame me! isn't it? haha


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misz ifah said...

i <3 hyun joong ! HAHA :)